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Yealink A30-025 | MeetingBar for medium rooms | Incl. CTP18 & WPP30 sharing pod | Video soundbar

Yealink A30-025 | MeetingBar for medium rooms | Incl. CTP18 & WPP30 sharing pod | Video soundbar

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Yealink A30-025 | MeetingBar for medium rooms | Incl. CTP18 & WPP30 sharing pod | Video soundbar

Designed with simplicity, Yealink MeetingBar A30 integrates the camera, microphone and speakers into an all-in-one system. No PC or individual components are required, allowing plug-and-play for a dedicated small meeting room setup within minutes, greatly reducing the time needed for deployment and management. In addition, connecting to a CTP18 touch panel can be realized for better meeting control.

MeetingBar A30 dual-camera system is perfect for medium rooms. It features an optical camera with 10x hybrid zoom and an 8-megapixel digital camera with a 120° field of view, delivering a clear visual experience with depth, which is unable to be achieved with a single camera.

  • Auto Framing - recognizes the number and the positions of attendees, framing everyone smoothly in the most appropriate view even in small spaces.
  • Speaker Tracking - frames a real-time close-up on the presenter, bringing a vivid face-to-face meeting experience and ensuring attendees are well-engaged.
  • Picture-in-Picture - tracks and frames the speaker in an individual window, which is separate from the other window, for a panoramic view, enabling users to keep an eye on who's talking even if the speaker is seated at a distance in a medium room.

The built-in 8 MEMS microphone arrays and speaker in Yealink MeetingBar, completely cover up to 6-meter medium-sized spaces. As the MeetingBar is equipped with a powerful independent audio processing unit, you can enjoy a worry-free, full-duplex voice experience with superior performance.

Yealink enhanced AI noise cancellation makes the audio experience more brilliant. Leveraging a massive deep-learning sound database to reduce background noises, it is more about intelligent audio analysis than standard filtering of audio frequencies. The distracting keyboard clatter, mouse clicks, footsteps, and other ambient noises are smartly pared back, ensuring that users enjoy crystal-clear audio quality.

One Step Towards Wireless Meeting
The MeetingBar series creates a wireless meeting experience with the WPP30 presentation pod. Once connected, it immediately gets you ready for wireless content sharing and device mode without any configuration steps.

Yealink MeetingBar supports diverse video platform experiences. No matter which platform you use, start your meeting right now!

CTP18 - Collaboration Touch Panel
A collaborative meeting experience at your fingertips. CTP18 can be used to obtain the projection screen and annotate it. With Yealink Wireless Presentation Pod WPP20, you can gain reverse control from CTP18 over computer, getting a multi-screen interaction to achieve more. A single video conferencing device can be connected to up to 4 CTP18, which can be used for simultaneous annotation to improve efficiency.

  • Android 9 OS
  • 8" Touch screen
  • Conference control - Joining, Setting, Camera

WPP30 - 4K Wireless Presentation Pod for Every Work Space
Featured with a compact size and intuitive industry design, Yealink wireless presentation pod WPP30 brings a trouble-free content-sharing experience to any conference room. Empowered with up to 4K/30FPS UHD hardware encode streaming output, WPP30 saves a lot of effort by eliminating the installation of any software or driver. Thanks to the high-performance 2x2 MIMO, Wi-Fi 6 module, WPP30 delivers a super clear, speedy and stable casting experience with low latency.

  • Plug & Play allows users to enjoy instant content sharing. No extra software or driver is required, simply plug WPP30 into the devices, and your idea is ready to be presented.
  • Touch & Go, just click the button and start collaboration right away.
  • Present Wirelessly, WPP30 saves time for setting up additional cables between TV and conference table, bringing a clean and tidy meeting space.
  • Work with Most Devices, free collaboration on most devices with a full featured USB-C Port.
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